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July 26th, 2016 by buya

Aeration for Ponds

The fountain aeration is one of the most important factors that you must consider when maintaining a pond because it is responsible in making it cleaned and healthy over being green and smelly. Ponds that do not have the needed aeration will result to a low dissolved oxygen which the indicator of the quality of water. There are many different factors that you must consider in order to determine what kind of aeration and how much is needed for a pond.

Aeration that is being done through a fountain, waterfall or stream is usually very effective and can do a great job for the small types of pond. When trying to know what the proper flow is needed in the pond, the most accepted way of doing this is through the use of pump in the whole pond for once in every hour through the filtration system. However, this might not produce enough aeration in the entire pond. In order to properly aerate the entire pond, the size, shape and what types of fishes are inside the pond must be put into consideration. Addition aeration units must be added in times like this in order to produce an extra amount of oxygen content.

Another thing to consider is that mosquitoes prefer to reproduce in areas with pools of water and algae growth better in them as well which makes it beneficial for you since a properly aerated pond is not what the mosquitoes and the algae prefer. By having this, you are promoting the health of the pond because the lower the population, the more the fishes will consume all the larvae they find and at the same time the good bacteria will be fueled by the extra oxygen into consuming the waste produce by the algae. As a result, you can ensure that you and your family has a safe outdoor environment.
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If you are planning to purchase the best tool to be used on your pond, you must choose the dissolved oxygen meter which is a bit expensive. What the dissolved oxygen meter does is it detects if your pond is having an inadequate flow and it has the capability to test how much is the oxygen level present in your entire pond. The changes in your pond from the morning until the afternoon can also be detecting by this tool.
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You must always keep in mind that in order to keep a healthy pond with healthy fishes, aeration for ponds is very important and plays a major role for it. This is because if you supply enough aeration for the pond, then you will also be keeping the ice in cold days from covering the entire pond.

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